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Hi, this is the barrier-free handbook

The Barrier-Free Handbook speaks in different languages! Now, it is available including in Ukrainian sign language with audio description, to see and hear - click on the widget, a blue circle with the image of hands inside.
Your handbook to correct communication. Are you looking for a specific word?

Barrier-free language rules

Barrier-free as a concept

Have you ever stopped to think about the challenges that parents of small children have to face every ...

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Social rejection

Social rejection is the opposite of social inclusion, and it is an example of a basic human rights ...

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Child with special educational needs

Every child and adult is unique and special in their own way, so each of us has our own individual ...

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Elderly people

The adjective “old” can cause offense to seniors who do not see themselves as old, although ...

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Barrier-free illustrations

Barrier-free is аccepting people as they are

Barrier-free is convenient for all without exception

Barrier-free is children’s room in the office

Barrier-free is when husband is in the decree, wife is at work and other way around

Barrier-free is to feel secured

Barrier-free is safe and comfortable playgrounds for any child

Barrier-free is living life to the fullest

Barrier-free is respecting other people’s abilities

Barrier-free is when there are no questions regarding age during job interviews

Barrier-free is understanding others without a word

Barrier-free is seeing people with your heart

Barrier-free is when internet is not only in district center

Barrier-free is walking around the city with your family

Barrier-free is when it is possible to get everywhere in a wheelchair

Barrier-free is bike lanes are all over the city

Barrier-free is low sills and wide doors

Barrier-free is when stairs are not a problem

Barrier-free is when you are not a stranger to people’s problems

Barrier-free is going dancing in any age

Barrier-free is when it's convenient to get on a trolleybus with a stroller

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How to talk about a person with a disability?

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How to talk about a woman who has dark skin?

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What does barrier-free include?

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