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Olena Zelenska, First Lady of Ukrain
Project Initiator

Analytical and technical support provided by
NGO «Barrier-free»
Executive director – Oksana Zbitnyeva

Handbook compiled by
Tetyana Kasyan — journalist, author of book “What they are silent about”, diversity and gender equality consultant

Illustrations by
Olha Degtyareva

We truly thank the experts who joined in creating the guide:

Olha Boyko – coordinator of the Committee on Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Development, European Business Association

Iryna Virtosu – journalist, project manager at the ZMINA Human Rights Center

Olena Ivanova — chairman of the Board of the public initiative PRO.UD

Juliya Kaplan — expert of the National Institute for Strategic Studies

Svitlana Kolyshko — Human Rights for Ukraine Project Coordinator at UNDP

Nataliia Koshovska —  United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) program analyst

Anastasiya Leukhina — co-founder of the #letfamiliesintoicu campaign, founder of NGO «Horizontals»

Tetyana Lomakina — Advisor-Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for the Barrier-Free Environment

Оleg Marushchenko — expert at EdCamp Ukraine and the Gender Information and Analytical Center “KRONA”

Siuzanna Mnatsakanian — Senior Project Officer of the Council of Europe Project “Promoting social human rights as a key factor of sustainable democracy in Ukraine”

Julia Naida — director at the Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation

Maria Nikitina — public figure, NGO “Chernivtsi Association “Protection”

Marianna Onufryk — expert at the Institute of Social and Economic Research, Chairperson of the NGO Social synergy, Chairperson of the Board of NGO for people with disabilities “Family”,  Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Network for the Rights of the Child

Vitalii Pcholkin — CEO at NGO of People with Disabilities «Group for Active Rehabilitation»

Anastasiya Stepula — founder of NGO Happy Today

Ulyana Tokareva — expert in social design and development, NGO “Barrier-free”

Dmytro Schebetyuk — Founder of Dostupno UA initiative, public figure