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Dark-skinned man, dark-skinned woman



Dark-skinned man, dark-skinned woman


Black, Negro, Colored

Both “black” and “colored” are impersonal words that contemptuously emphasize one specific feature instead of focusing on the whole person. The term “Negro” used to be considered a fairly neutral word in Ukrainian. But in recent years, it has become offensive in the English-speaking world, especially in the context of human rights movements, and in particular the Black Lives Matter movement. For African-American people, this words is a reminder of a past in which their ancestors were slaves, and to us, as a country that has been enslaved for years, it should be well understood.

It is advisable not to focus at all on such an external sign as skin color. But if, for example, you are writing an article on a related topic, it is better to use a neutral term such as “dark-skinned”.


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