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How to use this guide

Ukraine is home to 41.5 million citizens: men and women, children, teenagers and elderly people, people of different ethnicities and skin colors, dis/abled and so on… We’re all different, but despite our differences each and every one of us deserves to feel safe, respected, valued and able to thrive. Unfortunately, many of us are constantly hindered by the barriers that exist in our society.

Ukraine needs to transform into a barrier-free society. This process may be slow, but it is inevitable. But what should we start with? What can each and every one of us do?

Let’s start with the language we use. Language is a reflection of societal attitudes. It is first to react to the changes happening all around us.

This guide will help you communicate respectfully with people of different backgrounds. This, in turn, will stop our society from creating new barriers and excluding certain groups.

Through the way we communicate, accessibility and diversity will become the new standard for our society.