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Elderly people


Люди старшого віку


Elderly people, older adults, people over the age of 60/ 75, seniors, older persons


The elderly, old people, grandmas and grandpas, retirees/pensioners, geriatrics, “golden years”

The adjective “old” can cause offense to seniors who do not see themselves as old, although this term is still widely-used in the media and even Ukrainian law. The matter is further complicated by the fact that life expectancy around the globe is on the rise, and therefore it is unclear at what age people should be included in this category. According to the latest classification provided by the WHO, the young age is from 25 to 44, middle age is 44-60, elderly age is 60-75, senile age is 75-90 and people older than 90 are considered long-livers.

We use “grandma”, “grandpa” only when it is necessary to indicate family ties.

The term “retirees” can be used, but it depends on the context. After all, this term primarily characterizes people who receive a pension regardless of their age. Because a pension can also be granted, for example, to a child or another person for the loss of a breadwinner, the term doesn’t always accurately describe senior people.

If we still need to mark the age difference of the generation we are talking about or writing about, we can say “older generation”, “older people” or “older persons”.


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