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Вітаємо вас у Довіднику безбар’єрності

«У комунікації приховано набагато більше сенсів, ніж нам здається. Цей Довідник допоможе розкрити нові, додаткові смисли, коли в центрі уваги – людина та її різноманіття. І це стане першим кроком у формуванні нової етики спілкування».

Перша леді
Олена Зеленська

How to receive your “baby box” or financial benefits


You can get a “baby box” at the maternity hospital or, if it is not available at the time the newborn is discharged, you can receive it at the social security office at the place of your permanent or temporary residence.

If desired, parents can receive monetary compensation instead of a “baby box”. During martial law (plus for one month after its end), the government has allowed the use of these funds for any purpose the parents see fit.

There is also no requirement to use the monetary compensation during the 12 months after the baby was born. The family can spend them during martial law plus one month after it’s end.

You do not need to open a special bank account to receive compensation – the money can be transferred to any “Privatbank” account. Payment to cards of other banks is not available.

To receive the money, one of the parents must submit the following documents to the administrative service center (map of working ASCs) or the executive body of the village or settlement council:

  • a statement that confirms you with to receive aid
  • a copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • certificate from the maternity hospital about not receiving the “baby box”

The documents must be submitted in person at the place of residence of the recipient.

If you do not have a birth certificate, it is sufficient to attach a copy of the document confirming the fact of the child’s birth in the health care facility or outside of it.

In the absence of parents, the application may be submitted by foster parents, adoptive parents, or other guardians of the newborn child. In this case, they will need add:

  • a copy of the decision of the district, district in the city of Kyiv state administration, the executive body of the city council or the court on the establishment of guardianship (in the case of guardianship over the child)
  • a copy of the decision of the district, district in the city of Kyiv state administration, the executive body of the city council on placement of a child in a foster family or in a family-type orphanage (for foster family or family-type orphanage)

* Based on information provided by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, and the Diia portal


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