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Вітаємо вас у Довіднику безбар’єрності

«У комунікації приховано набагато більше сенсів, ніж нам здається. Цей Довідник допоможе розкрити нові, додаткові смисли, коли в центрі уваги – людина та її різноманіття. І це стане першим кроком у формуванні нової етики спілкування».

Перша леді
Олена Зеленська

What to do if you witness a crime being committed against another person


If possible, call the police immediately by dialing 102. Give the law enforcement officers your last name, first name, patronymic, date, month, year of birth, place of residence, mobile phone number (so that police officers can contact you) and the address of the crime scene.

Be sure to wait for the police patrol to arrive and report everything you see. If there are other witnesses, ask them to wait with you for the arrival of law enforcement. If they cannot stay at the scene, write down their full details, place of residence and contact numbers.

If you are unable to call the police, contact the nearest police station or any law enforcement officer, military man, uniformed person, or even ordinary men.

In wartime, if possible, seek the help of the headquarters of territorial defense units or directly to the terrorists who serve at checkpoints in settlements, and members of local self-defense.

If the event took place in a public space, it is advisable to start calling the police loudly and confidently, to draw the attention of other people, to film the offender and to encourage others to do so.

It is important to try and memorize the appearance of the attacker: clothing, the presence of features that may help identify them (such as facial hair, birthmarks, tattoos, scars), anatomical features (such as a limp), speech peculiarities and more.

If you do not have the proper physical or special training, keep a safe distance, in any case do not try to stop the offender alone or chase them as they might be armed. Provide the necessary assistance to the victim, if necessary call an ambulance by dialing 103.

Ask others for help. Be vigilant and careful.

If you witness a person being detained by the Russian military, contact the Joint Center for Search and Release of Prisoners at the 24-hour hotline by dialing +38 067 650 83 32 or +38 098 087 36 01. You should also call these numbers if someone you know is in Russian captivity.

* Based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine


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