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Вітаємо вас у Довіднику безбар’єрності

«У комунікації приховано набагато більше сенсів, ніж нам здається. Цей Довідник допоможе розкрити нові, додаткові смисли, коли в центрі уваги – людина та її різноманіття. І це стане першим кроком у формуванні нової етики спілкування».

Перша леді
Олена Зеленська

How to register a newborn during the war


New life begins in Ukraine every day. However, during the war this miracle takes place under completely abnormal circumstances – without any conveniences, comfort and often even outside hospitals.

If the birth did not take place in a medical institution, this will not make the registration of the baby any more difficult.

Currently, the digital “eMalyatko” service is not available, but during the martial law the Ministry of Health has simplified the procedure for registration of newborns.

All you need to register your newborn is a physical medical birth certificate (form №103/о). It may be issued by healthcare professionals who were present during the birth or performed the first examination of the newborn.

If there is a shortage of the document templates at the hospital, health professionals can issue a freeform birth certificate in duplicate. One of the copies is given to the mother, and the other is kept in the hospital’s records.

After that, you need to contact the nearest working department of The Bureau of Civil Status Acts (BCSAs), regardless of the place of birth of the child and the place of residence of the parents.

Another way to get a birth certificate is for the child’s mother to apply in person at a health care provider.

To do this, she must have medical records of pregnancy monitoring or be registered in the electronic health care system, which contains medical records of pregnancy.

* Based on information provided by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine.


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