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People with reduced mobility


When we think of people with reduced mobility, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of a person with a disability who uses a wheelchair. Of course, such people face many barriers: for example, an ordinary store with a high threshold or one without a ramp might be inaccessible. But, in fact, this category includes all kinds of different people.

People with reduced mobility are people who experience difficulty moving, communicating, or receiving services by themselves. This category includes people with various functional disorders (ones that impair their vision, hearing, musculoskeletal system, etc.); people who have been temporarily injured or are currently ill; children under the age of 7 and their guardians; pregnant women and elderly people.

Such people often experience difficulties due to improper organization of the public space around them. Just think about how often we see parents of small children trying to get their stroller down into the subway. They often can’t do it themselves, and have to ask strangers for help. That is why public spaces should be planned and built so that everyone feels that comfortable conditions are created for them.


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