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Disorders can affect the functions or structures of the body (organs, limbs and their parts). They can be temporary or permanent, periodic or long-lasting.

Voice and speech disorders are also functional disorders that can also be temporary due to various diseases or circumstances (such as stuttering), or permanent. Some people are born with complete loss of hearing, while others lose their hearing gradually over the years. Just as, for example, the loss of vision or a limb can occur due to a genetic disorder or injury.

There are disorders of the cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, immune and other systems. These disorders may not be noticeable at first glance (they are also known as “invisible” disorders), but people live with them for periods of time or for lifetimes.

The main thing to remember is that disorders are not human flaws, they do not characterize people as bad or unworthy. After all, this is something that a person has no influence over. And this must be treated with understanding.

It is also important to remove those barriers that complicate human life and limit the opportunities for people’s development.


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